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If it can be done at all, Knitwear Doctor is the one who can do it for you.  

For more than twenty years, Knitwear Doctor has successfully provided a rainbow of services to help many people maintain and protect favorite garments in their wardrobe.


  Acrylic - A synthetic fibre made from synthetic polymer. Usually thought to be hard wearing but less soft to feel than cotton. Has some characteristics similar to wool.

Angora Goat
- The goat that produces mohair.

Aran - Style of cabled knitwear worn by fishermen from the Aran Isles.

Basic Dyes - A class of dyes, that act as bases. Generally not light fast.

Bellies - The short wool from belly of sheep.

Black wool
- Fleeces from sheep that contains grey, brown or black wool.

Blend - A fabric containing two or more different fibres or with variants of the same fibre or different colours and grades of the same fibres.

Breathable - A fabricís ability to transmit moisture.

Britch - Short, curly fibers found in the belly area of sheep.

Burling - Removal of imperfections.

Camel's Hair - Hair from the Bactrian camel. This hair is soft and light. Does not wrinkles also water repellent. More fragile than wool.

Carbonising - Removal of vegetable parts from wool fabrics.

Chevron - a regular, repeated zigzag pattern made by reversing the twill weave. Sometimes known as herringbone.

CMYK - Abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (this is black).

Colour matching - Comparing dyed samples with a standards.

Continuous dyeing - Dyeing of a fabric passing in a continuous manner through a series of containers.

Crimp - Waves effect in the wool fiber. Generally finer wools have the most crimp.

Dyebath - The solution that contains dyes and dyeing assistants or any other substances required to dye fabric.

Fleece - The entire coat shorn from one sheep.

Gray Wool - Fleeces with a few dark fibers.

Hydrophobic - Tendancy to repel water.

Hygroscopic - Absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.

Lambswool - First clip of wool shorn from young lambs. Soft and resilient.

Lanolin - Oily secretion from the sebaceous glands of sheep.

Mattress Stitch - A flexible virtually undetectable seam.

Mohair - a fabric made from yarn made from the hair of the Angora type goat.

Nylon - Quick drying man made fiber with high strength, elasticity and low water absobtion characteristics.

Polyester - Man made fiber from long chain polymers. High strength, crease resistant, quick dry.

Resilience - Power of recovery to return to original shape. Sometimes called memory.

Ribbing - A combination of knit and purl stitches. Creates a strechy fabric. Found at ends of sweaters, socks etc.

Shrinkproofing - Application of chemical treatments to fabrics to prevent felting shrinkage.

Tweed - This is a coarse, very rugged woollen fabric made in twill weaves.

Wool - The fibres that cover sheep, goat, alpaca, lama etc.

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